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Children Referrals.

Scotland has a unique system of Children’s Hearings. As a process to help children and their families who require care and support, it impacts the lives of many.

Referrals to the Children’s Reporter are made by the police, the child’s school, or the social work department. Children may need care and protection if they have committed a crime or are not attending school. The referral system is intended to help, and is designed to be relatively informal, but a referral initiates an emotional and daunting process for all those involved.

In response, the Reporter will investigate the matter and ask for the case to be heard by the Children’s Hearing. The case will be referred to the Sheriff Court if there is a dispute over how to resolve any identified problems. Children’s Referrals are considered in this situation.

In Children’s Hearings and any related court referrals, both the parents and the children have the right to legal representation. We can help if your local Social Work department is notified of a children’s hearing or if your family is involved with one.

Get the best legal advice as soon as possible. Families can be greatly affected by the decisions that are made by the courts and the Children’s Hearing. We have solicitors who can give you advice, inform you fully about your options, and help you ensure your voice is heard by those making the decisions. In addition, we can assist you with any appeal if you feel the decision was incorrect.

Assisting and guiding you at every stage of the process is what we do. For your rights to be protected, it is advisable to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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