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Children Referrals.

Referrals to the Children’s Reporter are made by the police, the child’s school, or the social work department. Children may need care and protection if they have committed a crime or are not attending school. The referral system is intended to help, and is designed to be relatively informal, but a referral initiates an emotional and daunting process for all those involved.

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Childrens Hearings.

On the whole, family life should be peaceful, where everyone gets along well and there are no issues that require outside intervention. Family relationships may become strained and difficult to maintain at times when there is significant upheaval or difficulty within a family. During such situations, external actors may be necessary in order to help resolve the situation as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Defence in Hate Crime Case.

You should consult an experienced criminal defence lawyer if you have been arrested or charged with an aggravated crime. You will receive the best level of representation from our lawyers who have experience navigating this type of prosecution. When it comes to a crime that has been aggravated by religious, racial, or homophobic prejudices or disability bias, please contact our office immediately.

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Bail Undertakings.

When dealing with certain crimes, such as those involving road traffic, police officers prefer this type of process – usually when it is believed the person will not offend again or fail to attend court. As a complaint would be served on an accused who appears in court from custody, the complaint is served in court on the specified date and time. On the first call of a criminal summary hearing, the accused will be brought into court from custody. This normally occurs on the first court date following the arrest. A bail undertaking may, however, expedite the process in some cases.

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Defence in Domestic Crime Case.

In domestic crimes that attract the attention of the public, the courts’ view convicts with a particularly gloomy view. Domestic crime sentences are stricter, because the domestic element is seen as an aggravating factor. Those convicted of domestic crimes often face imprisonment. For minimizing the risk of prison if convicted, it is essential to have a lawyer who deals with custodial matters.

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Defence in Drug Related Crime Case.

The severity and type of drugs used in drug offenses determine a person’s conviction. If a person is convicted of supplying class A drugs a third time, a mandatory minimum term of seven years’ imprisonment is imposed.

Whether you are facing simple charges of possession or charges of involvement in international drug trafficking, Renfrew Defence Lawyers can make sure you are acquitted of all charges.

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Defence in Organised Crime Case.

Crimes committed by organized crime are punished differently depending on their severity. Nevertheless, criminal activities related to organized crime often involve elements of planning or premeditation, which can be aggravating. Whenever you become aware of any investigation into your activities, you should contact the lawyers involved in the defence of organized crime

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Defence in Violent Crime Case.

The lawyers at our firm have been defending violent crime allegations in Scotland for many years. In robbery cases, we can prepare special defence measures, such as self-defence, which is often taken into account. Throughout our practice, we have prepared and carried out countless defences. Our attorneys have obtained many acquittals throughout this time, and can do the same for you.