Deprivation of parental rights Mother. The law protects children from maternal violence. Father with child apart from mother and judge's hammer

Children Referrals.

Referrals to the Children’s Reporter are made by the police, the child’s school, or the social work department. Children may need care and protection if they have committed a crime or are not attending school. The referral system is intended to help, and is designed to be relatively informal, but a referral initiates an emotional and daunting process for all those involved.

Divorced parents with their son visiting lawyer. Concept of child support

Childrens Hearings.

On the whole, family life should be peaceful, where everyone gets along well and there are no issues that require outside intervention. Family relationships may become strained and difficult to maintain at times when there is significant upheaval or difficulty within a family. During such situations, external actors may be necessary in order to help resolve the situation as quickly and effectively as possible.