An experienced investigator conduct an interview at the police station.

Police Interviews.

Before and during police questioning, those being arrested or accused of a crime are entitled to free legal advice. Cadder v. HMA led to this development of the law.

When a suspect is arrested, he must fully understand his rights. It is important for detainees to understand their rights, although the police have practices to inform them of these rights. When you are offered the opportunity to speak with an attorney, it is imperative that you do so since you will receive key information that could affect whether you are arrested or released. It can be difficult for a person not receiving assistance to protect their rights or understand the legal procedures in such a situation.

Our firm specializes in advising and assisting during police interrogations. Providing full legal help and presence before, during, and after police questioning is our expertise. Your position will be fully protected and you will know how to avoid potential pitfalls if you obtain such advice.

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