Police maintaining public safety during festival, threat of terrorist attack

Defence in Public Order Offence Case.

Common law crimes like breach of peace and statutory crimes like threats and abuse are considered public order offenses in Scotland. Despite the fact that many people are charged with public order offenses in Scotland every year, it is often a difficult crime for the Crown to prove. When police are not happy with a person’s behaviour, but are unsure whether it is a crime, they may accuse them of a public order offense. This results in a large number of charges of this nature being pending before the courts in Scotland each year. In regard to violations of public order, there has been a vast body of case law that must be considered in the context of specific allegations. We have made legal statements in many cases of this type on the grounds that the alleged conduct did not comply with the legal requirements for the alleged offense. Our legal statements have resulted in numerous acquittals.

In the event that your behaviour has been accused of violating public order and you feel that it was justified or was not serious enough to constitute a crime, please contact our office as soon as possible and we will be happy to advise you. We expect that if you need court representation, your criminal defence lawyer will assist with your preparation and trial.

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