Crime scene of a murder case. 3D illustration.

Defence in Murder Case.

regardless of whether it was done with malice or with such reckless disregard for the outcome. Essentially, the prosecution has to prove either that the accused intended to kill the deceased or didn’t care whether he or she lived or died.


Defence in Attempted Murder Case.

Over the years we have been in business, we have instructed an attorney in numerous murder and attempted murder trials. Our lawyers are known for their meticulous preparation and attention to detail, which led to numerous successful acquittals.

Frightened scared young defenseless woman victim hiding from aggressive man suffer from physical abuse, abusive husband threaten beat upset crying wife with fists, fear of domestic violence concept

Defence in Domestic Crime Case.

In domestic crimes that attract the attention of the public, the courts’ view convicts with a particularly gloomy view. Domestic crime sentences are stricter, because the domestic element is seen as an aggravating factor. Those convicted of domestic crimes often face imprisonment. For minimizing the risk of prison if convicted, it is essential to have a lawyer who deals with custodial matters.

Young black men exchanging money to drugs in abandoned building, addiction

Defence in Drug Related Crime Case.

The severity and type of drugs used in drug offenses determine a person’s conviction. If a person is convicted of supplying class A drugs a third time, a mandatory minimum term of seven years’ imprisonment is imposed.

Whether you are facing simple charges of possession or charges of involvement in international drug trafficking, Renfrew Defence Lawyers can make sure you are acquitted of all charges.

Mature man in black jacket, gloves and jeans opening suitcase with stacks of dollars while showing them to killer

Defence in Organised Crime Case.

Crimes committed by organized crime are punished differently depending on their severity. Nevertheless, criminal activities related to organized crime often involve elements of planning or premeditation, which can be aggravating. Whenever you become aware of any investigation into your activities, you should contact the lawyers involved in the defence of organized crime